Why make disciples?

Jesus calls us to go!

How this training has equipped others

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be disciples who make disciples. This isn't just for the highly gifted but for everyone. We all get to play! 

Wondering if this training is for you? Check out the next video (below) to hear from others who have been been equipped to be a disciples that multiply. 

Some details about this training

How do we partner with God to make disciples? 

While many of us know that making disciples is the job Jesus gave to us, we are unsure where to start … let alone see a Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) take hold.

In this DMM Core course, you will:

  • receive teaching and insight that will deepen your understanding of making disciples
  • dig into the Bible to see how Jesus made disciples
  • hear real stories from people who are making disciples
  • explore simple tools and practices to help you make disciples.


There are 6 modules to complete. Each module has a number of lessons in it. Some lessons will only take a minute or two, others will take you longer as you watch an extended video or complete a bible study. Some lessons will be input-based whilst others will require you to connect with others away from the training. This course is intended to activate you as a disciple-maker so there will be lessons which involve you putting what you are learning into practice. 

Each module could take you between 2-5 hours to complete so we encourage you to set aside a portion of time to focus on this course each week. You need to focus on this course often enough that you don’t lose momentum, but far enough apart that you have time to reflect and act on your learning.

What do I need to do this training?

In order to complete the DMM Core Course training, you will need an A4 lined notebook for your bible studies. All other activities can be completed within the training.

A coach

We encourage you to have a coach journey with you as you work through this course. We will talk more about this, but basically, a coach is a fellow believer who you can debrief with and keep you accountable.

If you don’t have someone who can act as your coach, please contact us training@praxeis.org and we will connect you with someone.

Getting started

Below you will see each of the different modules and lessons. 

When you are ready to start, click on the “Get started” button below.

Course Topics

  • 1

    Orientation & Vision

    • Welcome!

    • The 'how to' of this course

    • This is Discipleship

    • Why make disciples?

    • God's vision for mankind

    • The vision for disciple-making

    • What is a disciple?

    • "Come, follow me"

    • The Bible- God’s spoken Word to us

    • How to do a 4-column bible study

    • 4 column bible study - John 14:15-26

    • What do you think?

    • Introduction to Disciple-making movements

    • Recap Module 1

  • 2


    • Starting with Jesus…

    • Bible reading - Mark 1:1-15

    • Engage Africa - Prayer

    • Let's reflect on prayer

    • What happens as we pray?

    • What does the bible show us about prayer?

    • A story of prayer

    • 4 column bible study - John 15:1-10

    • Reflection - A time that God spoke

    • Developing your own prayer life

    • 4 column bible study - Luke 11:1-13

    • So how do I pray with others?

    • How did you go praying with someone else?

    • Tools to help us pray

    • Creating a Mind Map

    • Go for a prayer walk!

    • A story of prayer walking

    • Recap - Module 2

    • A story of making prayer the main activity

    • "I will..."

    • Commit to praying with others

  • 3


    • God’s heart for the lost.

    • 4 column bible study - Luke 19:1-10

    • A story of discovering God's heart for the lost

    • Where are the lost people in your world?

    • Pressing into God's heart for the lost

    • Religion versus spirituality

    • Check your understanding

    • Be in the harvest

    • 4 column bible study - Luke 5:27-32

    • A story of engaging the harvest

    • Engaging the harvest around you

    • Relational networks

    • A story of the gospel moving through relational networks

    • Relational networks around you

    • Spiritual conversations

    • 4 column bible study - John 4:4-42

    • Spiritual conversations quadrant

    • Go and have spiritual conversations!

    • How did your spiritual conversations go?

    • Recap Module 3

    • A story of reaching out

    • "I will..."

  • 4


    • Going deeper to answer the question: What is a disciple?

    • A story of the shift towards being a disciple

    • 4 column bible studies - obedience

    • What is a Discovery Group?

    • Engage Africa- Discovery Bible Studies

    • Reflection - Group discipleship and DBS

    • How to do a DBS

    • A resource for you - Starting a Discovery Group

    • Check your understanding

    • Stories of starting Discovery Groups

    • It's time to start a DBS!

    • How did your DBS go?

    • Recap Module 4

    • A story of discovery to baptism

    • "I will..."

  • 5


    • Multiplication comes from the beginning

    • A story of multiplication

    • The rice story

    • 4 column bible study - Luke 8:4-15

    • Power of ordinary people

    • City team: Disciple-making movements

    • Disciple-making is a way of life

    • Forming a team and gathering others

    • Learn more about building a team

    • Check your understanding

    • Preparing to form team

    • Forming your team

    • 4 column bible study - Luke 9:1-6

    • Recap Module 5

    • "I will..."

  • 6

    Where to from here?

    • Be part of movement

    • Where are you connecting to be encouraged?

    • Coaching and mentoring

    • Do you have a coach?

    • Pathways from here

    • "I will..."

    • Pay it forward

    • Your feedback is important

    • Go for it!